Adbhar Ashtbhuji Temple

Adbhar Ashtbhuji Temple

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The Adbhar Ashtbhuji temple is one of the major holy sites of Chhattisgarh. This age-old temple is devoted to the eight-handed Goddess Devi. Jyoti Kalash is lighted here on the occasion of Navratri. Adbhar is settled in the district of Janjgir-Champa and supports the religious rituals strictly. The temple is also noted for its design pattern. This holy shrine is controlled by the management of the Adbhar Ashtbhuji temple. Adbhar Ashtbhuji temple is visited by a large number of devotees, as it is easily available from all parts of Chhattisgarh.

Adbhar Ashtbhuji Temple located in Chhattisgarh is devoted to Goddess Devi who is believed to have eight hands. The temple is located in the ancient region of Janjgir-Champa district which attracts many devotees. The Adbhar Ashtbhuji Temple shows the unique religious customs and traditional rituals.  The Adbhar Ashtbhuji temple is regarded as one of the holiest and revered temples of Chhattisgarh. Known for its extreme sanctity, the famous temple of Adbhar Ashtbhuji observes powerful religious rituals according to the Hindu rituals. The temple is situated amidst the scenic beauty of Janjgir- Champa district. This tall and over impressive monument has been famous among its devotees for its religious importance. Adbhar Ashtbhuji temple committee looks after the power of the religious shrine. The local native population of Chhattisgarh has firm faith in the supreme power of Goddess Devi. The temple is also known for its splendid architecture and its intricately carved designs.
During the famous festival of Navaratri, the temple of Adbhar Ashtbhuji is attractively decorated and covers an attractive look. The golden rays of the Jyoti Kalash give a perfect appearance to the sacred premises of Adbhar Ashtbhuji temple on Navaratri. A large number of devotees visits the holy memorial of Adbhar Ashtbhuji temple to pay their praise and receive benefits from the Supreme Deity. Far from the work bustle of the cities, the peaceful and calm around of Adbhar Ashtbhuji temple provides relief from the stress and demands of daily normal life.

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