Bhoramdeo Temple

Bhoramdeo Temple

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The Bhoramdeo temple, the ‘Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh’, located at Bhoramdev. It is located around 21 kilometers away from Kawardha. The coordinates are 22°6’55” N 81°8’53″E. It captivates 11th century Lord Shiva temple complex.

The façade of such Shiva Bhoramdeo Temples are magnificently depicted by the temples. The main temple is built in stone. The architectural features with erotic sculptures is a distinctive feature which is similar to the Khajuraho temple and the Konarak Sun Temple. This is the reason why the Bhoramdeo complex is also known as the “Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh”. The Madwa Mahal is another temple which is situated at about 1 kilometer from Bhoramdeo. The literal meaning in local dialect is the marriage hall, it is also known as Dullhadeo. The temple has a unique Shiva Linga erected over 16 pillars which were in 1349 during the reign of Ramchandra Deo of the Nagavanshi Dynasty.

This temple was built by King Ramachandra of Nagar dynasty who married Princess Ambika Devi of Haiya dynasty. This temple has a special attraction for lovers of archaeology and history. The curves and the angular projections of the temple here represent structures describing the local style of the architecture which is a fusion of the retreating mountain range style. The temples of Shiva and bhoramdeo in Kawardha are situated at a distance of 18kms from the city.  The temple is situated to the north of Raipur.

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