Ganesh Mandir- Barsoor

Ganesh Mandir- Barsoor

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This temple is located in Barasur, Chhattisgarh. There are two giant statues of Ganesha made of sand stones, the big idol is about seven and seven feet and the height of the smallest is five and a half feet. The two idols of Ganesh in the same temple are unique. It is believed that it is the third largest Ganesha statue in the world. It is said that this temple was built by the king here for his daughter. Temple built by Banasur King Baanasur is described in the Puranas, in his name only the name of this city is Barassoon.

Chitralekha, daughter of Raja’s daughter Usha and her minister, had pucca friends with each other. Both were devotees of Ganesh Ji but there was no temple of Ganesh Ji around. Because of this, both of them worshiped Mana Ganesh Ji. Usha told her father not to be a temple What was Baanasur made for Ganesh Ji idols for both his friends? Both of the friends used to go to worship Ganesha in that temple every day.

It is said that Ganapati was pleased with the sadhana of Usha and Chitralekha and has since fulfilled all the wishes of all the devotees coming here from here.  Here is a huge statue of Ganesha, and one small, and both are ‘monolithic’, that is, a large rock was made of cuttings, without any combination. Where a Ganesh idol laddu is kept hidden – the handle is kept, in the other, Ganesh Ji has used the laddu and it is the artist’s artwork that he has shown the two ways in the same stone.


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