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Ganesha Idol, Dantewada

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Ganesha Idol, Dantewada

A 1100 year old Ganesha Idol , located a top of Dholkal Hill in Dantewada district of chhattisgarh, fell from a height of 13,000 feet and broke into pieces in the dense forest area dominated by the  Maoists. Experts and conservationists term this a major blow to archaeology.

The 1100 year old Ganesha Idol was discovered 5 years ago by a local journalist, who reached the Dholkal hilltop in 2012. The Ganesha Idol Located a top of Dhol-shaped hill called Dholkal, the six-foot idol belonged to Nagvanshi Dynasty of 9th or 10th century.

The idol located at a hight remained unnoticed due to dense forest and tough routes. The place is on the top of a mountain, about 13km high.

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