Mata Mavali Mela

Mata Mavali Mela – Narayanpur

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Mata Mavali Mela :-

Mata Mavali Mela is celebrated every year in the month of February. It is universal big mela and people come here from out of country celebrating with bastar people. Narayanpur Mata Mavali Mela is famous, not alone in India but it is popular in the world. This festival is celebrating normal since very beginning past. According to KIDWANTI, this fair is in existence since more than 800 years, The leading Raja Rudra Pratap Dev from wrangle riyast (Andhra Pradesh) came here in Barsur and won the fight versus nagwansiya Raja, therefore, He was MahaRaja at the time of his administration.


It is one of the most attractive and one of the fastest developing states in India, name from the 36 old forts in the area. In ancient times this area was known as the Dakshin Kaushal Kingdom, currently located in the heart of India with rich cultural heritage and attractive natural diversity. The state is full of old buildings, rare wildlife, exquisitely carved temples, Buddhist sites, palaces, waterfalls, caves, stone paintings and hill plateaus. Most of these sites are fresh and unexplored and offer a different and alternate life to tourists with its unique cultural and environmental identity.

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