Radha Krishna Temple, Kawardha

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Radha Krishna Temple

The Radha Krishna temple in Kawardha district is the center of the main tourist attraction of here. Kawardha is one of the most beautiful tourist spots. One of the oldest temples has been filled in Kawardha, one of which is the Radha Krishna Temple which is one of the holy places of Kawardha district.

Temple | Sanskritik Chhattisgarh

The temple is located in close proximity to the Bhoramdeo temple. The distinctive attribute of the temple is the underground rooms which are used to conduct rituals by saints. A small tank named as Ujyar Sagar is the prominent attraction of this temple.

Temple | Sanskritik Chhattisgarh

History of Radha Krishna Temple:

The establishment of the Radha Krishna temple in Kawardha, some 180 years ago, was done by the ancestors of King Ujiyar Singh.

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