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Shiva Temple, Pali!

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Shiva Temple

Pali is a town located about 50 km from Bilaspur. To establish the antiquity of Pali, we have to rely on few surviving epigraphs found inside the Shiva temple at the site.

Shiva Temple – This interesting Shiva temple is constructed over a raised platform, a feature seen in majority of the temples in Chattisgarh. The temple has a sanctum and a mandapa (hall). The mandapa has not survived fully however it has been renovated many times. It is an octagonal in shape, which is resulted by cutting off the corners of a square. This is probably the only temple in Chattisgarh with an octagonal mandapa. The roof of the mandapa is constructed with concentric circles, reducing in circumference.

Temple | Sanskritik Chhattisgarh

The sanctum door is built with three panels on each door jamb. River goddesses found their position at the bottom of the door jambs, Ganga on proper right and Yamuna on proper left jamb. Images of various gods related to Shiva family are depicted here. An image of Shiva is found in the center of the lintel, while an image of Brahma and Vishnu are on the either side. Images of Nava-grahas (nine planets) are also found on the door lintel. A modern shiva-lingam is placed inside the sanctum. There are images of many sages involved in various kinds of activities inside the temple.

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