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Valmiki Ashram at Turturiya: Raipur

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Turturiya is a timberland town arranged on the banks of Tuturiya Spring (otherwise called Sursuri Ganga). It is a position of incredible archeological and anthropological intrigue. Turturiya involves a few Buddhist remnants accepted to be from the eighth century AD which demonstrates the impact and spread of Buddhism, and also Brahmanical vestiges of a later period. The Buddhist remnants incorporates impeccably cut columns, stays of fine block stupas and so on, hints of showering ghats, lingams, figures of four furnished Vishnu and Ganesha icons and so forth. There is a Valmiki Ashram situated in Turturiya and consistently from Vaisakh Purnima to Amavasya an immense celebration is sorted out here. Turturiya is 29 Km from Balodabazar and 24 Km from Sirpur. The Public Works Department (PWD) runs rest houses at Sirpur and Balodabazar. The separation from Turturiya to Raipur-by means of Balodabazar is 113kms and through Sirpur is 101 kms.

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